Waterproof cellphone pouch


Many smartphones are designed with waterproof features yet without waterproof warrantees, it’s worthwhile to add extra protection to your everyday electronic devices when doing water activities, even if your cellphone has an IP68 feature.

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Waterproof Cellphone Cases enable you to use your cellphone in places and ways not possible before:

It allows you to take photos and videos while doing water activities.

Use your phone safely as a safety backup when things might go wrong.



Showering, hiking, biking, boating, rafting, jet skiing, sea kayaking, fishing, swimming, etc.

Why choose our cellphone cases?

It is a carefully selected product among many suppliers with good quality cases at a reasonable price.

The TPU material provides a better touch screen experience than PVC material.

The TPU material is biodegradable and the ABS is highly prized for recycling making our case environmentally friendly in the long run.



– Lightweight, waterproof cell phone case that fits most cell phones.

– Double sealing, better protection

– It does not inhibit the use of the phone’s camera, video or touchscreen functionality.

– Protects your phone against mud, dirt, dust, moisture, rain, spray, splashes and water for

up to 30 minutes of continuous underwater activity.

– May also be used for the protection of passports, banknotes, cards, masks or anything need to be kept dry that not exceeds to the designed volume.



– IPX8 certified (tested to be waterproof up to 20 meters for up to 30 minutes.)

– Fits all smartphones with dimensions up to 160mm x 85 mm x 12mm

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